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The customization options are fairly limited at the moment compared to other mockup generators. All you can really do is resize and position any images you upload, and you only edit the shirt color on some of their mockup templates. Like Creative Market, Etsy is one of the best options for print-on-demand sellers seeking out product-specific mockups such as Gildan or Bella & Canvas. There are currently over 50,000 mockup templates available on the platform so you’ll have plenty of choices when it comes to finding the right images for your own Etsy store. For example, if you’re an Etsy print-on-demand seller you’ll likely find t-shirt mockups for the brands you’re selling such as Bella & Canvas, Gildan, or American Apparel. Creative Market allows you to buy mockup templates directly from incredible designers, at very reasonable prices too.

website design templates etsy

While, compared to other website designers, you can make improvements to the overall look and sound, the choices are minimal. It operates more like Etsy in that sense, but you may want to look elsewhere, like Strikingly, if you’re looking for more power over your branding. Ecwid is easy and open, making it enticing to new e-commerce entrepreneurs and Etsy producers seeking to explore their own shop. Etsy is a decent choice if you are a beginner digging the internet for websites like Etsy.

Step 6: Decide On Your Product Price

Besides, the theme follows the best SEO rules to help your website top the search engine results list. Your skills and achievements matter, so make sure they shine on your website. For that, take advantage of the custom shortcodes & widgets you’ll find bundled in the theme.

Sliders, grids, and galleries for products help to captivate visitors and boost the chances of a sale. The only disadvantage of selling on Etsy – one of the biggest online marketplaces – is that you may struggle with differentiating yourself as a business. Furthermore, the way sellers sell on Etsy can put more pressure on them to provide “free shipping” to help rank higher on search algorithms. The marketplace also demands sellers to promote offsite, prompting many Etsy businesses to reconsider the channel’s cost-effectiveness.

It can take time, but thus you can find the one that lights your fire. There’s no shortage of choice when it comes to WordPress themes like Etsy. Yet, selling isn’t telling, so you need to do it smartly to get results.

So, you’ve been working as a web designer for a while now and you think it’s time to cash in by selling some of your designs online. The reason why you can create a multivendor marketplace website without hiring a developer or writing code is because there are pre-built solutions already available. This is only possible because there are so many people using WordPress that developers can make these products and find enough customers. As a newbie to looking at starting this in my free time to try and monetise the amount of time I spend just playing around with Canva, I have so many questions lol. My first is how it works if I upload my own fonts/graphics/photos to the templates?

Squarespace Website Template For Photographers + Creatives

This used to be a “pro” feature, but now it is available to all users, including free users. Hi i love this post it’s so informational and very well written but i have one thing to ask. Your client will need Canva Pro as well as access to the font if they want to edit the template.

Then, almost a year after selling Canva templates, I made my first $1K+ from this side-business within one month. Believe it or not, this one lead magnet changed everything. People were signing up for my email list like crazy, doubling and then tripling my daily subscriptions within just a few days.

Craftis is a decent choice if you are a beginner digging the internet for WordPress themes like Etsy. It features a clean and attractive layout that will be a nice option for any creative web project. That’s a perfect choice for artisans who want to sell handcrafted goods, furniture, handmade work, or anything in between. So, it’s a way to beef up your website with no coding issues from your end. One of the reasons users opt for Qwery is simplicity and flexibility.

It also permits you to sell items that are over 20 years old. Which is why I’ve dedicated Sugar Studios + this blog to helping entrepreneurs like YOU build the business you’ve been dreaming of. I remember that feeling every time I had a sale on Etsy.

Marketica ($37) is the last Etsy WordPress theme mentioned in this article. This theme allows you to turn your Etsy theme shop into a retail marketplace. In fact, Marketica helps to work with the most popular eCommerce and merchant plugins on the market, and it has powerful customization features for users of all skill levels. Marketica is especially effective for Etsy merchants who want to increase ad revenue and site traffic by leveraging blog posts.

website design templates etsy

You’ll need some knowledge of Photoshop to utilize the templates from Mockups-Design. A great feature of the tool is that you can filter their templates by brand. For example, Bella + Canvas or American Apparel mockups. So, if you’re seeking out templates for specific brands then you might just find these on MockupMark. Smart Mockups also has integrations that set it apart from other mockup generators and mockup sites, including the ability to import designs directly from Canva. All you need to do is create a design in Canva and you can import it directly to your Smart Mockups account.

What Is The Cost Of Starting A Canva Template Business

So it’s worth while to consider forming alliances with other designers, developers, and “chop shops” to expedite the process of releasing your product. Just keep in mind that the more work you can do yourself, the more control you’ll have and the more money will stay in your pocket. Design stunning etsy banners featuring your best selling products. Customize for your business in minutes and upload to your profile. Even if you cancel Canva Pro, the template links will still be valid and users will still be able to access your designs as templates. The only caveat is that you won’t be able to create new “share as template” links from your old or new designs.

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5 Best Etsy Alternatives June 2022 – Forbes Advisor.

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The template uses abstraction combined with colour and texture to create a banner your customers will love. Brushstrokes give a wonderful painterly texture to Etsy banner design. All you need to do is change the colours to suit your brand and add your text. This is a stylish Etsy banner example with a retro feel. The almond shape motif is enhanced with textures and colours that are both elegant and striking.

Remember, the link will only work when you save it as a PDF file. In the PDF, you could thank your buyer for the purchase, and direct them to click the link to access the template. WooCommerce is a plugin that you install on your self-hosted WordPress site. Astra is a high-quality WordPress theme with WooCommerce compatibility, and Elementor is a page builder plugin for WordPress. After you have purchased the domain and hosting, you’ll have to set up WordPress. You can refer to this post for a step-by-step tutorial to set up WordPress on SiteGround.

The option to deliver gift cards or subscription items, for example, is in the highest price range of the service. Another e-commerce site that entrepreneurs and ecommerce retailers may use is Squarespace. Its user-friendly models include options for drag-and-drop programming, making it a perfect alternative for beginners. Squarespace also allows you to upload your Etsy page, allowing you to manage your products and product URLs in the process, making it one of Etsy’s simpler options if you wish to move.

  • When clients have a clear understanding of what to expect, there are fewer complications, business flows more smoothly, and visitors end up trusting store owners more.
  • With Placeit, the best value comes from getting a paid subscription that gives you access to unlimited downloads, including their incredible video mockup generator templates.
  • MarketHub ($59) is a WordPress like Etsy theme focused on digital marketplace solutions.
  • They also offer their users the ability to make their own custom mockups which is a unique feature.

With the help of Etsy WordPress theme, you can create any kind of your own Etsy website template full of functionalities. I hope through my recommendations, you can find your most suitable theme to make your business thrive. Divi is also highly customizable from the WordPress backend, and it comes with over 20 homepage demo layouts if you want to bypass the page design step. Divi comes with 46 custom content components to use with the Divi page builder to populate your site’s homepage and inner pages with customized page elements. As mentioned before, HandMade also comes with the Revolution Slider plugin, which allows you to construct stunning full-width parallax sliders. Thanks to a fully responsive and Retina Ready design, all of the theme’s media appears perfectly on mobile devices.

Moreover, Makery includes a custom built Shop Editor, for fine-tuning the aesthetic of your Etsy website template and graphics interface. With the Shop section, you are able to edit orders, products, track commissions, withdrawals, sales and automatically generate a full report form. Notably, this theme features custom integration with Google Analytics to help you see in-depth data on your business performance and track all of your sales metrics.

  • If you have Canva pro, you can resize any design with just a click.
  • We’ve put together a list of the best mockup websites for Etsy sellers, and also answered some of the most common FAQs around mockups for Etsy stores.
  • It has a forever-free plan and even the premium option, Etsy Plus, only costs ten dollars per month.

Think anyone who has a business or needs some kind of social media presence. Not everyone likes to or even wants to create designs from scratch. I’ve alluded to it before, but I enjoy working with Canva even when I have no need for it. It is a web-based application, making it easy to access. For security reasons you need to change your password immediately.

Once the setup is complete, you’ll need a theme that supports WooCommerce — the eCommerce platform built for WordPress users. There are plenty of WordPress themes but look for one that specifies compatibility with WooCommerce. To sell products on your blog, you’ll need to set up a self-hosted WordPress site.

Create a PDF that will contain the sharable template link. Once you have a solid grasp on what you want to sell, design the templates. Personally, I follow artists on Instagram and often like to spend my time going over other designers on Etsy or Creative Market, Behance, Dribbble, 99Designs, etc. Do not let your inspiration dictate the design where you come off as a plagiarizer. Copying or stealing other people’s work is not cool, unethical, and illegal. Your designs need to be sufficiently different, and of better quality, if you want people to pay you.

While, compared to other WordPress themes like Etsy, CleanSkin has a lot more to offer. Clean and functional design is one of the benefits you get with it. Also, there’s the powerful drag-n-drop page builder that saves you a ton of a great deal right off the bat. To begin, choose from several beautiful demos and go with the one that is the right fit for you. What’s more, Melania comes with a fast page speed load for better performance. When you invest in optimization, that’s where the magic happens.

This is mostly because there aren’t complex features to begin with, and, as stated above, the customization options are limited. It’s the next step in taking your store off Etsy but still having the familiarity of the brand that you know. This isn’t really what we’re talking about today, as it’s not the traditional “Etsy”, but worth nothing in case you want to do some more research on it. While the odds of finding the perfect Etsy shop template are slim, you’re encouraged to check out what other Etsy store owners are doing. It’s a great idea to see how fellow merchants are protecting themselves.

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But there is a significant difference between these native templates and the ones you purchase from third-party sellers. You see, the templates you see on Canva are one-off templates. A magazine template that only has five pages… You get the picture. While Canva may be cheap, it can create high-quality graphics and documents. Unlike Photoshop or Illustrator, the learning curve is minimal. Also, there are tons of resources (YouTube videos and Canva’s in-house tutorials) for users to easily learn how to use the tool.

If your products are pricier than comparable templates out there, then you’ll likely lose some customers. If your prices are too cheap, then some customers may be doubtful of the product quality. In terms of “doing the homework”, check out some of the Canva product prices out there that are similar to the products that you’re creating.

Of course, Strikingly is our number one, and for the right reasons. Users of Strikingly see our service as their next step in growing their business and expanding their reach. Strikingly is also the perfect website like Etsy since we offer a robust website builder that is packed with features and tools to make website building easy for you.

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Ben Sibley is a WordPress theme designer & developer, and founder of Compete Themes. Lastly, you can pick out a Dokan-compatible WordPress theme. With these steps completed, you’ll have all of the technology sorted out.

  • The theme can work for a custom tailoring, clothing store, or any other eCommerce-related website.
  • While, compared to other WordPress themes like Etsy, CleanSkin has a lot more to offer.
  • If your products are pricier than comparable templates out there, then you’ll likely lose some customers.
  • There’s no surprise that Divi ($187) takes WordPress to a whole new level with its incredibly advanced visual builder technology.
  • Sellers will also be able to take advantage of the inventory infrastructure of Squarespace to sell goods with social media resources built-in.

The templates can be found on sites such as ThemeForest and TemplateMonster. You can often access all of the themes from a single provider through a bundled service. There are a lot of things you can sell on eBay, including templates for websites. Even though it may be harder to sell pricier templates on eBay, the sheer number of buyers searching the site can result in a significant volume of sales. The SiteOrigin Drag-and-Drop Page Builder plugin is included in Catalog for quick customization from the frontend of your website.

website design templates etsy

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